2010 Linden Prize最終選考者発表

Original Title: Announcing the Top Ten: 2010 Linden Prize Finalists
Original Posted: Blondin Linden, May 21, 2010 5:33:46 AM

お待たせいたしました!1月に受け取った130件以上もの申し込みの中から、Linden Prize[日本語]に相応しい10のプロジェクトを絞り込みました。去年から始まったこの賞は、2009年にはStudio WikitectureVirtual Abilityが選ばれました。Linden Prizeについてはこちら[日本語]、またはFAQ[日本語]をご覧ください。

2010年Linden Prizeの最終選考者は以下の通りです。
  1. The Power of Story: Karuna and the Uncle D Story Quest
    Submitted by: Jenaia Morane & Marty Snowpaw from the Karuna Project &Lorelei Junot from the Alliance Library System
  2. The Library and Archives at NASA CoLab in Second Life
    Submitted by: Archivist Llewellyn from NASA's CoLab
  3. The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life
    Submitted by: Glitteractica Cookie from Nonprofit Commons
  4. Open University: A Third Place in Second Life
    Submitted by: Elsa Dickins from The Open University in Virtual Worlds
  5. Play2Train™
    Submitted by: Moriz Gupte from Play2Train
  6. sionChicken and sionCorn
    Submitted by: Sion Zaius from Sion Labs
  7. Skoolaborate: Engaging all Students for Learning
    Submitted by: Westley Streeter from Skoolaborate
  8. The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
    Submitted by: Agent Heliosense from Tech Virtual
  9. Teaching, Research, Art, Architecture: The University of Western Australia (UWA)
    Submitted by: Jayjay Zifanwe from the University of Western Australia
  10. Virtual Helping Hands
    Submitted by: Saxet Uralia from Virtual Helping Hands

10,000USドルの賞金受賞者は6月1日に発表し、同時に全最終選考作品はDestination Guideへ登録されます。